What is Project 2019?   

Project 2019 is an initiative to raise funds beyond general budget giving -- a special financial offering above the tithe -- to pay for the installation of a fire prevention sprinkler system in our Legacy building on Centre Ave.  

What’s the Legacy Building?

The Legacy building is the main “church building” on Centre Avenue, which includes the sanctuary, lobby, kids area, student min area, classrooms and storage.  Our Admin building, adjacent to the Legacy building is where our church offices are housed. Thankfully the Admin building is already up to current fire code and is only indirectly involved with Project 2019.  

How is the Admin building “indirectly” involved?

The Admin building has a fire prevention system that was initially designed to be expanded to the Legacy building.  We hope, but aren’t sure, if that can be done, now 10+ years after the Admin building.

How did this whole thing come about?  

Building inspections related to Project 2018 drew attention to the fact that the Legacy building is not up to commercial fire safety standards for a facility of its size.  Any public building in the city of Portage that has capacity for 300 or more people at the same time makes a fire alarm and suppression system necessary.

Surely there are greater ministry needs.  Why do we need to do Project 2019 now?

In order to be able to use our ministry facility without breaking the law, we need to have a functional fire suppression system in the Legacy building by July 1, 2019, as mandated by the city of Portage.  As for other pressing needs, there’s always Project 2020, the scope of which is yet to be determined.

How much will Project 2019 cost?

Initial estimates put the project anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000, which is quite a spread.  We have communicated this potential to the congregation since it became apparent that we would need to do this (late spring 2018), noting that we wouldn’t have a firm number until we worked with a fire suppression contractor.  Three different contractors have since submitted proposals. The Leadership Team, in consultation with the Finance Team and Properties Team, reviewed each and selected a final bid and signed an agreement. The job will be completed by Total Fire Protection, INC., and will cost $150,000.

Why are you calling Project 2019 an “offering” and how is that different from the tithe?

The tithe is 10% return of God’s financial provision back to Him.  When we tithe, we give 10% of all that we have been blessed with. Renovation Church runs exclusively on the regular tithes of the congregation.  Because of our reliance on God’s provision through the tithe, we refer to Project 2019 as an Offering, which the scripture describes as a response above the tithe, based on God’s blessing and/or calling.  Sometimes we receive an unexpected gift or major blessing that spurs our generosity to levels above the tithe. This is how we paid for and exceeded our goals for Project 2018. We believe that Renovation Church is capable, by God’s blessing and our trust, to support general budget giving (tithe) as well as the additional funds for Project 2019 (offering) simultaneously.  To shift our regular tithe giving from general to Project 2019 would indeed help us reach our goal faster, but at the expense of our regular church ministry, which would limit our ability to fulfill our mission to help people find, follow, and be like Jesus.

How will we communicate our progress on Project 2019?

Our plan is to give brief updates on some but not all Sunday mornings, weekly updates through our weekly All Church email, and quarterly updates at our Town Hall meetings.